Nishant Modi, June 16 2020

Do you appreciate?

We are going through one of the unprecedented times in our history, COVID19. A lot will change and lot may be business as usual. It's time to reflect how we were living before the crisis, and it will be gut wrenching and a lot of shame. And, if we do that it will fundamentally change the way we look at the world, everything we took for granted is in forefront, everything we thought was important, doesn't even matter. For some reason we were so convinced with the idea of individuality and self importance that we didn't care about our relationships, the planet or even basic common sense. In this article we will explore one of the crucial positive change we need to bring in our lives for improving not just our lives but of everyone and everything around us.

One thing we learnt is, if our life is at risk then nothing else matters, that we are ready to shutdown the world, take away livelihood. Close your eyes and think if the car you own, the place you live in is worth anything if you cannot go outside, connect or communicate with people. We have found that a lot of people are reaching out to people they did not before, at the same time a lot of people are feeling isolated and alone. Before the crisis we didn't care much to even say thank you to the invisible people who make our life happen. Did you even know what a supply chain was? All the deliveries which are crucial for our survival now be it a pizza or the toilet paper. Did you think about connecting with your friends and family more often? Even when they lived couple of miles away from you. Did you think about your neighbor? Now that you know they are closest thing physically to you and would be the first ones to come to your rescue or not. We can go on with the list here.

Moral of the story is that we all take a pledge today to appreciate everything around us more, be grateful for the things and people we already have, before complaining about the things we don't. If nothing else, at least learn to say thank you, send a personal note or even better just call them up. Don't forget to be grateful either, think for 5 minutes before you go to bed about the good things in your life and be sincerely thankful to the ones adding value to your life. It is important to appreciate others when they cook for you, pick up your kids from school or walk your dog, when you are unable to. A lot of times thank you is just not enough and for those times, send a token of appreciation. Do not forget fathers day or someones birthday, in-fact we were so bad that we even used to forget appreciating people during Christmas.

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Written by

Nishant Modi